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Packaging film
Packaging film
Packaging film

The Meike weight of the packaging film is mainly to solve the problem that the packaging film is heavy, light, thick and thin. The control precision of the packaging film is about 0.5% , which can save the quality of raw materials and stable products. The weight of the packaging film is based on the weight of the manual length (mick weight) and the bag width, bag thickness, specific gravity and the extrusion speed of the main machine. It is controlled to perform fully automatic calculation and control the traction speed to make the product comparison. Accurately reach the values ​​set manually. The packaging film Mike heavy operation is simple, as long as the bubble is pulled up according to normal operation, the controller can be set to the automatic position, and the controller can automatically control to reach various set values.

The packaging film Mike weight can realize the automatic control of the film thickness of the packaging film production, collect the flow rate of the material through the electronic scale, and control the film output according to the change of the flow rate and the weight of the filming machine set in advance to control the film. Stable and uniform.

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