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What are the technical specifications and parameters of the Mick controller?

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

The Mick weight controller sold by Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. can accurately calculate, make the efficiency higher, and save raw materials. Our company's Mick weight controller has the following characteristics:

1. Fully automatic control of weight and weight, reducing manual intervention and reducing labor intensity;

2. The Mi Ke weight controller has the functions of alarms such as lack of material and long feeding time, which can prompt the workers to deal with many sudden situations in time, and reduce the scrap rate to make the production efficiency high;

3. The Mick weight controller can display the current volume length in real time, which is convenient for grasping the unloading timing;

4. The Mi Ke weight controller displays the current output and total output in real time, which is convenient for management;

5. The Mi Ke weight controller has a filter clogging alarm, which can prompt the worker to replace the filter screen in time;

6. Most of the interfaces of the Mick weight controller adopt digital separation technology, which is not easily interfered by the surrounding environment;

7. The Mi Ke weight controller uses a 7 -inch LCD screen display to display the film thickness in real time.


Mick heavy controller related process specifications and parameter items:

1 , power supply: 100-260V50HZ ( 60HZ )

2 , load cell excitation voltage: 5VDC ± 0.5% provide current 0-150MA .

3 , analog output type: 0-10V , 485 communication output.

4 , rotary encoder excitation voltage DV24V, encoder operating voltage range voltage 5-30V , working mode A phase B phase dual phase meter reversible meter.

5 , the host Hall sensor excitation voltage DV6-24V, high compensation accuracy.

6 , the switching output voltage DC24V, the output can provide current more than 1A .

7. Conditions of use: Ambient temperature 0-50 ° C , relative humidity <> without condensation, no corrosive gas.

8 , the analog input acquisition accuracy can reach 24 bits, the system conversion adjustment speed 1-80 times / sec.

9. Ensure no slippage between the traction roller and the encoder.

10 , Mick heavy controller and traction mainframe should be grounded.