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Analyze the energy-saving retrofit method of automatic compounding and mixing machine for you

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

In the cost structure of industrial injection molding products, electricity costs account for a certain proportion. In the automatic compounding and mixing machine , the power consumption of the oil pump motor accounts for 50% to 65 % of the total power consumption of the equipment , which has a large energy saving space. The energy-saving control skills that reduce energy loss are gradually becoming the research points of the electro-hydraulic system of the automatic compounding and mixing machine system.


The domestic automatic compounding and mixing one-piece electro-hydraulic control skill uses the electro-hydraulic share skill, and its skill characteristic is to use the three-way type speed control valve to control the speed. Although the electro-hydraulic share skill can greatly reduce the number of components, due to the use of a fixed-pump pump for oil supply, there is a flow-related energy loss in the operation process, which has been rarely used abroad.


The process of the automatic compounding and mixing machine is usually divided into several periods, such as mold clamping, injection, plasticization, pressure holding, cooling, and mold opening, and different pressures and flows are required in each period. For the oil pump motor, the feeding process is in a varying load condition. In the hydraulic system of the dosing pump, the oil pump motor supplies a steady flow at a steady speed, and the remaining hydraulic oil flows back through the overflow valve. This process is called high pressure saving. According to statistics, the energy loss caused by high pressure savings is 36% to 68% .


In view of the lack of large energy loss in the above valve-controlled electro-hydraulic system, in order to further reduce energy consumption and reduce noise, in recent years, plastic machinery manufacturers have deepened their research on energy-saving control skills in order to satisfy customers' requirements for energy-saving and production-saving. Internships, such as Germany, Japan and other countries have carried out the use of servo motor and variable pump two control systems, as a basic energy-saving method in electro-hydraulic control, has been widely used abroad. At present, in the energy-saving control skill of the automatic compounding and mixing machine, the servo motor is equipped with two energy-saving control systems, the screw dry pump and the variable pump, and the energy saving effect is remarkable.


According to the principle of energy-saving operation of control skill, the automatic compounding and mixing machine has the following advantages:

1. It can reduce the impact of opening and clamping, and extend the service life of machinery and mold ;

2. Extend the service life of the oil circuit system, reduce the number of repairs, and save maintenance costs ;

3 , reduce noise, improve the working environment ;

4 , the system oil temperature is greatly reduced, which can save more than 30% cooling water consumption ;

After selecting the control skill to upgrade to the energy-saving automatic compounding and mixing machine, the capital contribution can usually be recovered within one year after the saved electricity or oil fee.