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How does the soft starter sold by the soft starter sales company work?

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

The soft starter sold by the soft starter sales company is connected in series between the power supply and the controlled motor. The thyristor trigger conduction angle is controlled by the microcomputer to realize the AC voltage regulation, so that the motor input voltage gradually rises from the beginning, and has a preset functional relationship until The start is complete and the full voltage of the motor is given as a soft start. During the soft start, the starting torque of the motor begins to increase slowly and the speed is gradually increased until the thyristor is turned on. The mechanical characteristics of the soft starter's motor operating at rated voltage enable smooth start-up and reduced starting current. You can avoid starting overcurrent trips. When the motor of the soft starter is higher than the number of revolutions, the start-up process can be completed and the rated voltage is supplied for normal operation of the motor.


The soft starter is a set of motor soft start, soft stop, lightweight energy saving and many protection functions in a novel motor control device, known abroad as a soft starter. The soft starter uses three reverse shunt thyristors as regulators that are connected between the power supply and the motor stator. This circuit is a three-phase controlled bridge rectifier circuit. When the soft starter starts the motor, the output voltage of the thyristor gradually increases, and the motor gradually accelerates until the thyristor is turned on. The motor operates under the mechanical characteristics of the rated voltage to achieve a smooth start, reduce the starting current, and avoid overcurrent trips. When the motor reaches the rated number of revolutions, the start-up process ends. The soft starter automatically replaces the completed thyristor with a bypass contactor to provide a rated voltage for normal operation of the motor to reduce the heat loss of the thyristor and extend the service life of the soft starter. The working efficiency of the equipment is enhanced, and the harmonic pollution of the power grid is not allowed. The soft starter also provides a soft stop function. The soft stop is the opposite of the soft start process. The voltage is gradually reduced, and the number of revolutions is gradually reduced, avoiding the torque shock caused by free parking.


Converting an alternating current with a constant voltage into a voltage, a variable frequency alternating current converter is called a frequency converter. Reduce the impact load caused by motor starting, control motor speed, start-up time, smooth current, achieve the purpose of soft start, and enhance the efficiency of the grid and motor. In fact, the inverter is mainly used for energy saving. By regulation, the output voltage, current, and frequency change. The universal speed calculation motor uses a frequency converter.