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What are the characteristics of the central feeding system all-in-one machine:

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

In modern industrial production, efficiency and quality have always been pursued by enterprises, and high efficiency and high quality can bring more benefits to enterprises. The central feeding system integrated machine is designed for the injection molding workshop, and can be processed according to the characteristics of raw materials, which meets the production requirements of the enterprise and has a wide application. So what are the characteristics of the central feeding system integrated machine ? The following central feeding system integrated machine will be introduced for everyone:


1. The central feeding system integrated machine adopts PLC and large-size color human-machine interface touch panel. The system does not need to be equipped with special personnel. The operation is convenient and simple. The work automation is realized by setting many working parameters. User-friendly program control also makes system maintenance easier.

2 , the central feeding system integrated machine to concentrate the raw materials, can reduce the number of dehumidifying dryers, reduce the energy consumption of drying equipment, and save costs. The exhaust gas generated by the baking material is separated from the site, the temperature at the molding site is greatly reduced, and the waste of pollution caused by the scattering of raw materials during the cleaning of the raw materials is also reduced, and the pollution problem of the production environment is improved.


3. The central feeding system integrates the raw materials for centralized storage and management, separates the raw material area from the forming area, and divides them clearly. The drying equipment does not need to be placed in the forming area, and the forming area space can be utilized to ensure the work of the workers.


4 , Central feeding system integrated machine centralized dust recovery system, reducing dust pollution, cleaning more convenient, to ensure clean and tidy workshop, in line with the modern factory image. It is also possible to avoid the problem that the finished product is difficult to handle due to electrostatic absorption of dust, and to enhance product quality.


The central feeding system integrated machine is a research and development manufacturer engaged in the central feeding system. The company has good technology and equipment in material transportation, mixing, weighing, metering, filling, etc., and has accumulated rich installation experience in the design, production and construction of central feeding system and other engineering. It can provide a central feeding system integrated machine solution for customers in different industries.