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What are the conveying methods of the central feeding system?

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

The central feeding system integrated machine has the following aliases: centralized feeding system, automatic feeding system, injection molding machine feeding system, etc. The main function is to transport materials for each system. The central feeding system integrated machine has centralized automatic control, 24 hours. Continuous feeding, uniform mixing and flexible color change have been used in many fields.

There are several feeding methods in the hopper of the central feeding system. The small extruders are usually used without manual feeding . The juxtaposition of large extruders or multiple extruders is also the feeding method of the hopper. The central feeding system integrated machine that is often heard can be spring loaded system, central feeding system, fully automatic feeding system, centralized feeding system, vacuum feeding of automatic feeding system and feeding of compressed air pipeline. . The following Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce the three conveying methods of the central feeding system integrated machine for everyone:


1. The central feeding system integrated machine adopts vacuum conveying, which can transport plastic raw materials from the storage tank to the drying system through a centralized piping system, and then deliver the dried raw materials to each injection molding machine. The system is mainly composed of a vacuum pump. Central dust filter, suction box, central distribution station, conveying pipeline and other parts.


2 , the plastic central feeding system device: in the injection molding central feeding system using vacuum transmission method, each molding machine is equipped with suction bucket and material level sensor , with the central console to transfer the use of raw materials, with the use of the central drying system, While not allowing the raw materials to regain moisture, the pipes are also emptied at the same time of each feeding, so that there is no sprinkling of raw materials in the pipes, and it is also convenient to replace the raw materials.


3. Fully automatic feeding system device: It adopts the method of automatic air pipe conveying and feeding, and is used in several extruders to collide with colleagues to produce feeding materials. In such a relatively large-scale production of extrusion products workshop, the conveying material system A total feeding pipe is divided into several branch pipes, and the respective hoppers are fed. This kind of relying on compressed air and using air duct to transport materials, the land occupation is small, the use of people is small , the environment is relatively clean, can be used to transport pellets and powder.


Different conveying methods of the central feeding system integrated machine have their own advantages. Enterprises can select the appropriate conveying method according to their own raw material conveying requirements to make the industrial production efficiency higher.