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What is the working principle of the blown film machine?

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

In the process of producing plastic film by using a film blowing machine, many plastic film manufacturers often have problems of biasing or lightening the film due to factors such as temperature difference between day and night, fluctuations in network power, and degree of clogging of the filter. Therefore, many plastic film production factory workers must carry out several times of weight inspection every time they produce a roll of plastic film. Repeated inspections pay attention to whether the weight of the factory needs to be unloaded within the set weight range, and then keep on To correct the traction speed, such an operation wastes time and labor costs, but even this does not achieve the specified accuracy. If it is higher than the set value, it is equivalent to feeding to the customer, causing loss; otherwise, the lighter than the set weight, the customer will say that you are cutting corners. Under this premise, Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. designed a blown film machine to help the company control the weight of the material of the blown film machine through the computer.


Features of the blown film machine Mick weight controller :

The film blowing machine Mick weight controller can realize the automatic control of the film thickness of the film blowing machine, collect the flow rate of the material feeding through the electronic scale, and control the speed of the traction motor according to the change of the flow rate and the weight of the filming film set in advance. The film is stable and uniform. It also has the functions of shortage of material alarm, fixed length alarm, filter clogging alarm, etc., to reduce the generation of waste.

The operating principle of the blown film machine is:

The film blowing machine monitors the current raw material flow rate through the weight sensor between the hopper and the extrusion screw, and calculates the required rotation speed of the current traction motor according to the weight, width, length, thickness and the like of each bag of the current film input in advance. At the same time, the traction inverter is controlled to output the corresponding rotation speed, and the current rotation speed is collected by the meter installed on the traction roller. If the calculation speed does not match, the output of the traction inverter needs to be adjusted, so that the rotation speed of the traction motor follows the raw material. The change of the flow rate changes to ensure that the weight of each bag is fixed and uniform. When the width of the film is constant, the average thickness of each bag is also constant, thereby solving the uneven thickness of the film and the manual control is not easy . problem.

The blown film machine's Mick weight controller not only increases labor efficiency, but also enhances production and product quality. Real-time display of current production and total production for easy management. Moreover , the audible and visual alarm signals can be issued in time for the hopper shortage, the arrival length, the filter blockage and other information to remind the operator to deal with, which can reduce the generation of waste products, save raw materials for customers and reduce production costs.