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Installation method of automatic Mick weight controller blown film encoder and meter wheel:

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

In the use of the automatic Meek heavy controller blown film machine system, the encoder and the meter wheel are an important part. The encoder is mainly used to send the current pulse to the host. The function of the meter wheel is to calculate the length and the length. How many pulses are there to provide feedback to the host. Generally, the friction meter is used, and the meter wheel is placed on the circular iron pipe above the upper traction leather shaft or the optical axis by connecting the iron plate (the position of the meter wheel and the shaft can be adjusted through the iron plate upper and lower guide) (recommended) Installed on a fixed pressure roller, if the speed does not reach 1m / s, it can be), the meter wheel can be rotated up and down and moved left and right, so that the meter is free to fall on the pressure roller, through the above torsion spring, slow Slowly rotate and tighten the meter wheel, the pulling force is about 2 cm. Zibo Jiaxin Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. now introduces you to the common installation method of the automatic Meike weight controller blown film encoder and meter wheel.


I. 1 : The computer board to the encoder is 3 lines, the power supply is positive, the power supply is negative, and the signal is generally red. The power is positive, the black power is negative, and the rest is the signal.

2 : The encoder is four lines, the power supply is officially red, the black is the power supply negative, the white and green are the signals. During the use, the white signal and the green signal can be selected at random, and the remaining one is reserved.


Second, the automatic Meike heavy controller blown film machine common faults and solutions:

1. The touch screen displays no actual speed. Check the plug strip under the motherboard.

2. Check the output of the computer board to the encoder. The normal output is DC24V. If the output is not available, please contact the manufacturer.

3. If there is output, check the cable

4. If the output is normal or there is no actual speed, it is recommended to use the standby signal.

5 , the previous few have tried, the encoder is damaged, and the manufacturer of the automatic Meike heavy controller blown film machine.