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What are the accessories of the automatic compounding and mixing machine?

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

The automatic compounding and mixing machine is mainly used for large-scale mechanical equipment in the plastics, packaging and other industries. The automatic compounding and mixing machine is composed of a variety of accessories. It has various monitoring and protection functions. The work is relatively safe and stable. It can realize other requirements such as conveying, metering, coloring and drying of raw materials. It is important for the factory to realize automatic production. premise. So what are the accessories for the automatic compounding and mixing machine system ? The following Zibo Jiaxin Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce you:


1. Console: Through the program to centrally control the system's dust removal, data transmission, alarms, etc., to monitor the entire system.

2 , Roots blower: power supply of raw materials to the mixing hopper.

3. Rotary valve: It is useful to realize continuous and batch supply of pneumatic conveying system for raw materials to ensure normal operation of the system.

4 , dehumidification dryer: mainly used to dry plastics with strong hygroscopicity, to meet the needs of material use or further processing.

5 , metering ratio machine: to achieve a variety of materials for metering ratio delivery, with accurate measurement, fast speed, high measurement accuracy.

6. Vacuum feeder: The additive is automatically delivered to the storage hopper above the weight loss metering feeder.

7. Cyclone separator: This device transfers the pneumatic force to the raw material of the mixing hopper, the flake crushing edge material, and separates from the high pressure gas stream.

8. Dust collector: The high-pressure airflow separated by the cyclone separator is also dusty and removed by a dust collector.

9. Metal separator: Remove the metal material that may be carried by the raw material and the flake crushing material, and enter the melting chamber to protect the screw from damage.

10 , mixing hopper: the raw materials, additives, flakes and crushing materials are evenly stirred, while not allowing the broken side material to bridge, the material is not smooth.

The functions of each component of the automatic compounding and mixing machine system are clear, and the use of the components can better change the efficiency of the factory, reduce the cumbersome processes brought about by the dispersal of the equipment, accelerate the production efficiency, and increase the output.