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Installation steps and precautions for the blown film machine

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

Installation steps of the blown film machine Miike controller :

1. Install the weighing box, electronic scale, solenoid valve, etc. Note that the electronic scale white rubber surface is not easy to touch.

2 , the rotary encoder (meter meter ) is mounted on the upper traction optical axis (the leather shaft can also be) the tension spring pulling force is about 2-3 kg (the leather shaft force is slightly smaller)

3. Install the magnet on the reducer screw. Connect the iron plate to the spindle magnet by 0.5-1cm .

4. Connect the signal wires to each part correctly according to the wiring diagram.

Wiring and installation of the film blowing machine Mick weight controller:

The wiring and installation of the blown film machine's Mick weight controller are generally rubbing meters, and the meter wheel is connected to the iron plate by adjusting the position of the meter wheel and the shaft through the iron plate upper and lower guides. Or on the circular iron pipe above the optical axis (recommended to be installed at the optical axis, if the speed does not reach 1m/s, it can be), the meter wheel can be rotated up and down and moved left and right, so that the meter can fall freely on the skin. On the shaft, connect the circlips on both sides by one or two tension springs, and slowly rotate the circlip to tighten the meter wheel, and the pulling force is about 2 cm. (The area that is easy to slip needs to increase the tension)

The application and precautions of the film blowing machine Mick weight controller:

1. After normal manual foaming, press [Auto] to control within the set range within 10s-1 minutes . Normal working automatic state, such as internal bucket (middle bucket, outer bucket) increase or decrease the host speed or refueling Please press the inner bucket (middle bucket, outer bucket) to refuel, the computer will recalculate the set value according to the current weight of the meter in one minute, otherwise it will report the uneven leakage fault (installation host speed detection does not need Press this button). The blown film machine Mick heavy controller needs to click the refueling button when it is working normally.

Note: 1. After manually changing the automatic 1s , if the speed is too fast or too slow, please check the bag weight . The bag length is set.

2. If the blown film machine is equipped with a continuous printing machine, it is required to be equipped with an automatic tensioner to control the frequency converter to set the addition (deceleration) time to 15 seconds, because the blower speed of the film blowing machine is slightly Working state.

3. The blown film machine is required to be equipped with a turbine rod reducer. The purpose is that the film line speed is controlled only by the inverter, and the external tension is not affected. If the film blowing machine is equipped with a traction or calendering device, the torque motor is used and controlled. The pulling force should not be too tight, otherwise the film will be elongated and the Mick will become smaller.