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What is the function of the automatic Mick weight controller blown film machine?

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

The automatic Mick weight controller blown film machine sold by Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly solves the problem of heavy, light, thick and thin blown film, and the control precision reaches about 0.5% . It can save raw materials and stabilize the weight of the product. The automatic Mick weight controller blown film machine is based on the manual setting of the weight per meter length (mick weight) and bag width, bag thickness, specific gravity, control it for automatic calculation and control the traction speed, so that the product is more accurate Reach the manually set values. The automatic Mick weight controller blown film machine is easy to operate. As long as the normal operation is used to pull up the bubble, the controller controls the display screen and touches the automatic mode to quickly track the set values.

The control function of the automatic Mick weight controller blown film machine:

I. Saving raw materials: The full brake computer quickly adjusts and adjusts the set values, which saves the time for the workers to repeatedly adjust when the film blowing machine starts to pull the film, which greatly reduces the waste. The function weight correction value of the controller can stably control the error range of the film weight, and the manual production control error is large. The controller is equivalent to saving raw materials every moment.


Second, save the labor of the workers: The advantage of this controller is that the workers do not need to go to the film to check the weight of the film, do not worry about the hopper shortage. After the film is pulled up, it can be fully automated to reach various predetermined values ​​in a short time. Greatly reduce the work intensity of workers.


Second, convenient management: with the alarm function, even if the worker is not next to the machine, hear the alarm sound, you can adjust the problem in time, easy to manage. Whether it is the boss's care of the employees or the employees' work on the work content, it is necessary to save worry and effort.


Third, strengthen the quality of the bag: The controller controls the relative weight of the membrane weight produced by the controller. In the current flooding of the blown film factory, the quality of the bag can be strengthened and the competitiveness can be strengthened.


Fourth, the boss saves the heart: the bag is stable, strengthens the competitiveness among the peers, brings a large number of good and stable customers, and plays an epoch-making role for the development of the enterprise.