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Qufu Jiaxin Inverter looks for Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

Qufu Jiaxin Inverter is rapidly rising with the localization process, and the quality stability is progressing rapidly. With the advantages of service and cost, Qufu Jiaxin inverter has relatively high cost performance, and the advantages in quality and price are also More and more, the replacement pressure faced by soft starters is getting bigger and bigger, and the product upgrade brought by technological advancement should bring new development opportunities to Qufu Jiaxin inverter.

This is like the fact that energy-saving lamps have replaced incandescent lamps as a result of technological and life advancement. The same is true for inverters that replace soft starters. China's inverter industry has achieved localization in the development of nearly ten years. The domestic inverter technology has been relatively mature and the manufacturing cost has decreased. Qufu Jiaxin Inverter has experienced a cost-effective change from booming to weakening. The price has dropped from 150 yuan per kilowatt to less than 50 yuan per kilowatt . The quality of many enterprises in China is relatively stable, but the market is gradually shrinking. From the development of straight-start, auto-coupling and star-delta starters to the advent of inverters, soft starters are a transitional product. Only a small part of the working conditions use soft starters, such as motor working load is higher than 90% , other working conditions were previously started by soft start mode, most of them now use frequency converter, because the energy saving of frequency converter The effect is about 30% .

In addition, Qufu Jiaxin inverter also dropped from about 1,000 yuan per kilowatt in the early period to only 200 yuan per kilowatt (high power), and the price dropped more. Today's industrial and mining enterprises have become popular in the application of frequency converters, covering many fields. It is no exaggeration to say that there is a frequency converter in the place where the motor is used. Moreover, the frequency converter has the starting function and energy saving effect required by the motor. Scientific and technological progress determines market share, which is why the soft starter market development space will gradually decline, and the main reason for the increasing market share of Qufu Jiaxin inverter market.

The localization level of China's inverter industry has undergone a qualitative change, and the market share of domestic inverters is gradually strengthening. However, compared with foreign brands in terms of technology, there is still a distance. Qufu Jiaxin Inverter has been working hard for this. in.