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Mick Heavy Equipment introduces you to the knowledge of the Mick controller

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

Overview of the Mick Heavy Controller :

In the process of producing thin film, because of the temperature difference between day and night, the fluctuation of the grid voltage and the impurities in the raw materials, the film will be biased or light, so most workers in the film production factory must produce a roll of material. For several times, the weight of the Mick is checked. It is necessary to care whether the weight when the material is being cut is within the set weight range, and the traction speed is constantly corrected. However, this does not guarantee the accuracy specified. If it is heavier than the set value, it is equivalent to feeding to the customer, causing loss; otherwise, the lighter than the set weight, the customer will say that you are cutting corners. Under such a premise, the Mick weight controller is a better choice.


Features of the Mick Heavy Controller:

The Mick heavy controller mainly solves the problem that the blown film is heavy, light, thick and thin, and the control precision is less than 0.5% , which can save the weight of raw materials and stable products. The Mick weight controller is based on the manual setting of the weight per meter length (mick weight) and bag width, bag thickness, specific gravity and the extrusion speed of the main machine, which is controlled to perform fully automatic calculation and control the traction speed to make the product More accurate to achieve manually set values. The operation of the Mick weight controller is simple. As long as the normal operation is performed to pull the bubble up, the controller can be set to the automatic position, and the controller can automatically control to reach various set values.

The function of the Mick weight controller:

1. Can automatically save the daily output per shift

2. Store 12 orders

3. Host speed automatic precision compensation

4. Accurately control the weight error within 0.3%

5. Optional control host or traction

6. Host shutdown alarm

7. Missing material alarm

8. No material shutdown alarm

9. Traction linearity monitoring alarm

10. Unloading the axis alarm

11. Production is too low alarm

12. Host leakage fault alarm

13. Belt slip alarm

14. Broken film stop function.

The scope of application of the Mick weight controller:

The Mick weight controller is suitable for the extruder industry, many pure materials, re-use materials, fillers and powders. Casting, rolling, cable, non-woven fabrics and other extruder industry can come to Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. custom Mick heavy controller.