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Soft starter sales company explains common faults and solutions

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

At present, there are more and more soft starter sales companies in China, and the soft starter equipments produced are mostly bypass type. The stability of the products is getting smaller and smaller compared with other brands in the world, and the market share is higher than that of foreign countries. Brand. However, the soft starter still has its own fault. Today, Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. introduces the fault classification of the soft starter. The faults of the soft starter are roughly divided into the following types.

(1) The motor can't come

There are two reasons why the motor can't be started : First, one of the six thyristors is unstable or non-conducting. At this time, the one-phase circuit passes the half-wave direct current, and the two-phase winding of the motor passes the direct current. It brakes the motor, not only does the motor not start, but also burns the motor and the thyristor. Second, the startup parameters or the startup path are not suitable for causing the motor to fail to come. This is a common fault.

(2) Thyristor burned

Thyristor breakdown or damage, such failures are not divided into Chinese or foreign brands, because of the manufacturer's easy, but the failure rate is lower than the contactor, and the main problem occurs in the installation process of the pie-type slam-operated sluice.

(3) Controller burnout

Compared with the soft starter, the controller burns out the fault is more serious. Some manufacturers have a repair rate of more than 30% due to such failures . Foreign or joint venture manufacturers are rare. Mainly the controller's power supply and trigger circuit and the input circuit are easy to burn.

(4) Soft starter malfunction

When the motor is in the running state, the soft starter is stopped due to interference. In the stop state, the start of the soft starter is disturbed and the start is frequent. The former is more common, and the latter has only two brands. The reasons are: first, the quality of the product, and second, the layout of the line.

(5) The connector in the soft starter is unstable in contact

It is not a problem to use the connector in the soft starter. This is a problem that Chinese manufacturers tend to ignore, and often fails.