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Debugging steps of the blown film machine

Edit:Zibo Jiaxin Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-21

Please familiarize yourself with the instruction manual before commissioning the blown film machine . Then follow the steps below to debug:

1. Touch screen calibration

a . Within 3 seconds after power on, click the middle position of the touch screen to enter the calibration mode. Click the corresponding position on the screen as prompted, and then restart after calibration.

2. Commissioning of meter and inverter

a , first set the traction inverter to external voltage ( 0V-10V ) input control.

b . Make the blown film machine's Mick weight controller in manual control state and power on the traction inverter.

c . Set the “Inverter Manual” parameter to 5Hz in the parameter setting function , save and exit.

d . Observe the “actual speed” on the LCD screen. This speed should be stable and the observation time should be no less than 30 seconds.

E. Observe the frequency display on the traction inverter. This frequency should not be in error with the set “inverter manual” parameter.

After 3HZ and stable observation time is not less than 30 seconds

f . Set the “Manual of the Inverter” parameter to 10 , 30 , 50Hz; repeat the steps c , d , and e .

3. Electronic scale calibration

a . Press the “School Electronic Scale” button in the “Parameter Setting” kinetic energy to enter the electronic scale calibration function.

b . Empty the material in the hopper and press “OK” to connect.

c , put the weight of the weight in the hopper, it is recommended to put 3000 grams of gamma, and then enter the actual weight

Weight and press the "OK" button to complete the calibration scale operation.

d . Press “Exit” to return to the main screen. At this time, the weight of the hopper should display 1.000kg . If the display is not correct, please recalibrate.

e , take out the 3000 gram weight and put in a 1000 gram weight. At this time, the hopper weight should be displayed as 1.000kg . If the display is not correct, please recalibrate.

4 , automatic discharge and sound and light alarm test

a , set the lower position of the hopper to 0.5kg , and set the height of the hopper to 2.5kg !

b . Empty the hopper. At this time, there should be an audible and visual alarm for the hopper shortage. At the same time, the feed baffle above the hopper is opened and is in the feeding state.

c . Apply a pressure greater than 2.5KG downwards on the hopper by hand. The feed baffle above the hopper closes to indicate that the automatic discharge is normal.

5. At the end of commissioning, the blown film machine's Mick weight controller can work normally.