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Soft starter sales company
Soft starter sales company
Soft starter sales company

We are a soft starter sales company , the product has perfect and stable protection function, voltage loss, under voltage, over voltage protection, soft starter overheating, long startup time protection, input phase loss, output phase loss, three phase unbalance protection , start over flow. Operation overload, load short-circuit protection, quick and thoughtful after-sales service, stable performance and food supply lay the foundation for better service, perfect supporting design, timely and thoughtful use of consultation, and continuously strengthen product performance according to customer opinions.

Using our company's soft starter can easily control the voltage of the motor, so that the soft starter slowly rises during the start-up process, it is more convenient to control the current when the device starts, so that the start of the motor is relatively stable, mechanical and The effect of electrical stress is reduced. Therefore, the soft starter is widely used in the market, and our soft starter also has the function of soft stop, which can avoid the "water hammer effect" generated when the machine pump stops.