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Central feeding system integrated machine
Central feeding system integrated machine
Central feeding system integrated machine

The central feeding system integrated machine is suitable for occasions where multiple raw materials need to be accurately mixed according to the weight ratio in plastic injection, extrusion or hollow molding. The central feeding system integrated machine produced by Schwab adopts German Siemens PLC control system, adopts advanced batching algorithm, can automatically calibrate according to the actual cutting amount to ensure longitude, and the operation screen is simple, easy to learn and convenient. This series of products uses a high-precision weight sensor to control batch mixing ratio difference of 0.1% and t 0.3% . The customer selects the right model based on the amount of usage per hour and the number of types to be processed.

Advantages of the central feeding system integrated machine :

1 Modular and detachable structure design, easy to maintain and clean ;

2 Adopting a new type of caliper metering valve, the material is smooth, easy to be stuck, and has a long service life ;

3 equipped with buzzer and alarm light alarm, the equipment operator can quickly and accurately reach the faulty machine site ; adopt brand PLC controller to ensure reliable performance and easy maintenance;

4 Adopt brand man-machine interface, graphical picture, intuitive and easy to understand, and have multiple languages ​​for you to choose ;

5Adopt control algorithm, self-optimization, automatic adjustment compensation and vibration prevention function to ensure the best batching accuracy ; with recipe storage function, can store up to 100 sets of recipes; with hierarchical security password control and alarm history recording function;

6 With weighing, volume and mixed metering mode for users to choose, it can cope with different production conditions ; all parts in contact with raw materials are made of stainless steel to prevent contamination of raw materials; up to eight raw materials can be processed at the same time;

7 can be installed directly on the machine, or the optional tripod is installed next to the machine ;

8 Optional batching door low level switch, the material in the material door can be alarmed in advance when the material is low ; optional hourly processing analog signal output function;

9 Optional data storage card, record the mixing ratio data for easy production quality control ; integrate the conveying control function (optional), or choose the suction machine separately to save labor; can be customized under powder Material type.